Taxi and airport transfer service- Phuket
Taxi and airport transfer service in Phuket - Thailand
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Weather it is simply to get to the major shopping mall in Phuket town, going out to dinner, a show one evening, we have the solution to get you safely and easily around Phuket with a good taxi and transfer service.
This is also a great and easy way to get to your hotel from the airport upon arrival in Phuket. This way you don't have to worry about finding a ride in the crowd after a long flight. All is prebooked and organised !

Booking your trip with s the assurance of a welle organised holiday with a dedicated team, always ready to help and advise you all along and beyond.


(1 - 2 pax)

(3 - 9 pax)
Airport to beach hotels 650 THB 800 THB
Airport to beach hotels + lunch or dinner stop 1 200 THB 1 500 THB
From beach hotels to Phuket town or pier 500 THB 600 THB
Beach hotels or airport to Boat Lagoon or Royal Phuket Marina 600 THB 700 THB
Transfer between Phuket beach hotels 600 THB 700 THB
Airport or Phuket beach hotels to Khao Lak 2 100 THB 2 700 THB
Airport or Phuket beach hotels to Khao Sok National Park 3 700 THB 3 700 THB
City / Island tour - 5 hours 1 560 THB 1 800 THB
City / Island tour - 10 hours full day 2 640 THB 3 000 THB
Sunset dinner at Laem Promthep Cape 1 320 THB 1 560 THB
Phuket beach hotels to evening shows and cabarets 1 320 THB 1 560 THB
Holiday in Phuket - Taxi and transfer service