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Tours and excursions in Phuket

Elephant trekking in Phuket

Yes, rides on elephant back is fine and fun for everyone and all ages!

Do not miss this unique experience to take a walk in the jungle overlooking the Andaman Sea on the back of an elephant ...

John Gray Seacanoe Phang Nga Bay

Discover Phang Nga sea-canoe with the famous John Gray, slipping silently amid the islands and wildlife.

A rich and unique experience that will carry you around and in the heart of the islands, in inaccessible places, and away from mass tourism ...

Flying Hanuman zip line - Kathu - Phuket

Phuket is not only the sea and beaches.

Discover also the jungle and rainforest from the treetops, flying over preserved nature and wildlife !

James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay

Another way to discover the Phang Nga Bay and the rock of James Bond Island, although a little more crowded.

Ideal for a smaller budget but also rich in discoveries ...

Phang Nga adventure camp - ATV in rainforest

Discover Phang Nga aventure camp for a day or two of varied and fun activities, especially ATV in the rainforest and white water rafting.

Find out what programs are available now...

Kathu shooting range - Phuket

Among the activities of Phuket is shooting firearms with many shooting range on the island.

We invite you to discover theKathu Shooting Range as it is ...

Discover Scuba Diving PADI

The Andaman Sea, a paradise for snorkeling, warm waters filled with coral and tropical fish await you.

Whether you already have dived or not yet, now is the time to discover this fascinating environment and ...

Phang Nga White Water Rafting

On a hot day, just down river rapids white water rafting in Phang Nga.

An adventure awaits you there with accommodation possibility on site...

Villa, house, guesthouse and car rental in Phuket

Villa and house rental in Phuket

The villa and house rental is an option both enjoyable and affordable in Phuket to feel at home.

Quickly discover what you can get ...

Andaman house hotel in Patong Beach - Phuket

This beautiful little hotel with its 24 rooms and an inhouse dive center offers you a great service.

Located north of the town of Patong Beach, Andaman House hotel offers a lifestyle and good value for money ...

Suksan Patong place guesthouse in Patong Beach - Phuket

If a house is not in your budget, it's too big or you prefer the feast of Patong Beach, one bedroom guesthouse may be your solution.

The Suksan Patong Place guesthouse offers a good value for money.

Thipthara adventure camp resort - Phang Nga

Treat yourself to one or two nights in the middle of nature, in the heart of an adventure camp in the Phang Nga province.

Pick your choice between a large air-conditioned room, a bamboo bungallow or a ventilated room ...

Room rental in Paris Star Guesthouse in Patong Beach - Phuket

Another small 9 rooms guesthouse, located in Patong Beach, on the Nanai Road.

For a small budget, the Paris Star guesthouse is close to the Patong Beach's nightlife and party places.

Room rental at the Phuket Wakepark

Like wakeboarding or water skiing, then here is the perfect opportunity to find yourself a room in the heart of the Phuket Wakepark in Kathu...

Airport car rental in Phuket

For complete freedom of movement and going out and about in Phuket, rent a car.

This is also a good way to stay safe ...

Phuket view points, waterfalls and beaches

Kathu waterfall - Phuket

A small break in the jungle and the freshness of a waterfall, quiet and away from the bustle of the coast, what could be better.
Here is a great way to spend a good and delicious time by plunging into a hot river, massaged by swirls and bubbles in a totally unspoiled universe.

Give it a try ...

A must place to relax in front of a beautiful sunset and a great view on the wild south coast of Phuket.

Laem Promthep cape offers wonderfull views and a chance to stroll or simply picnique for a meal on the plaza (view point) with its lighthouse, hosting a museum ...

Nai Thon beach - Phuket

Nai Thon Beach, on the north of Phuket in the airport area, a shady and quiet beach, nestled in a nice bay ...

Laem Sing Beach - Phuket

Laem Sing Beach.
A very nice little beach north of the town of Kamala, only accessible on foot but beautiful in high season when ....

Phuket shows, exibitions and bars

Phuket Fantasea show - Kamala - Phuket

The famous and must see Phuket Fantasea Show opens its doors.

Let yourself be drawn into this wonderful world will blend trapeze artists, eras fighting, love, culture and above all pride of Thailand, you will not know which way to look ...

Simon Cabaret - Patong Beach - Phuket

The now famous Simon Cabaret in Patong Beach, which opened in 1991 has managed to renew itself constantly to bring you the best since it's opening.

An impressive show of an hour and a half with no downtime ...

Bangla Boxing Stadium - Patong Beach - Phuket

While traveling in Thailand, why not go see a real Thai boxing match!
Bangla Boxing Stadium will make you vibrate with real fights and very skilled boxers ...

Bars and discos in Patong Beach - Phuket

The Phuket and especially Patong Beach's nightlife can be very controversial, but anyway, you have to see and experience it at least once in your life.
Whether it is uste for a drink on a bar stool along the famous Bangla Road or venture further into side streets such as Soi Seadragon, the nightlife of Patong Beach is still something to discover and. .....

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